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Want to grow your e-Commerce business faster & be more profitable?

Have you ever:

  • Ran out of cash or inventory? 
  • Been stuck with too much inventory?
  • Tried to understand which product is most profitable? 
  • Been looking for cash to launch that new product?
ABEL Finance Founder - Rob te Braake

Rob te Braake Founder ABEL Finance

Yes, I want to be more profitable!

“Thanks to Rob from ABEL, we feel much more in control of our business.  

This year we can add USD 500,000 in profit thanks to his insight. No more sleepless nights filled with worries and questions about our cash flow!”

 Michel van Beuk - Duotz*

With the Finance Insight Program you:

FIP - Understand your Cash flow

Understand & forecast your cash flow no more surprises when you have suppliers or staff to pay

FIP - Forecast

Forecast your sales no more missing out on sales because you ran out of inventory

FIP - Metrics

Understand the key metrics no more uncertainty about 'unknown unknowns' or staring at vanity metrics  

FIP - Profitability  insight

Understand which products are profitable no more guessing how much your true margin is 

FIP  - Sleep better

Sleep better no more sleepless nights worrying about numbers

Grow more profitable

Grow faster and be more profitable no more worries about making wrong decisions 

What is the Finance Insight Program

The Finance Insight Program is a 4 stage "done-with-you" program. Together, we make sure that:

  • You are in control of your numbers - knowing exactly what is going on in your business and where you make your profit
  • You don't run out of inventory or out of money 
  • You uncover all the "unknown unknowns"
  • You steer your business in the direction that achieves your goals

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How does the Finance Insight Program work?

Goals - FIP

Session 1 Set the Goals

Where you want to take your business? What does success mean for you and your business?

Metrics - FIP

Session 2 Pick Key Metrics

How to measure results? What metrics predict results? 

In other words: What are the leading indicators and what are your lagging indicators?

Process - FIP

Session 3 Set Up Processes

To measure and manage on metrics, you need standard processes (SOP's) to make sure you get the metrics when you need them - no matter if that is daily, weekly or monthly.

Targets - FIP

Session 4 Crush it!

Being in control, looking forward, solving potential problems before they even arise.

In other words: Crush it! 

How do you know this is for you?

  • You want to grow your business to the next level
  • You aim to set up or improve your internal processes
  • You want more control over the financials of your business
  • You are fed up with problems with inventory and cash flow
  • You have an annual revenue of atleast USD 500.000


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FIP - Direction

What you get

  • 1-on-1 Sessions (60min each) for each module with your dedicated and experienced CFO
  • All relevant material to help you prepare for each module and execute the actions afterwards
  • The ABEL Finance Cash flow forecast template 
  • Unlimited email support during the Program
  • Access to our private Facebook group where we share insights & best practices
  • 20% Discount on ABEL Finance Virtual CFO services

What Our Clients Say:


It was like the fog has lifted and I finally understand the financial side of our business on a much deeper level. I was a bit worried going into the call that I would feel embarrassed at my total lack of financial knowledge, but Rob immediately put me at ease and was able to explain complex financial concepts in a way that made them easy to understand. Leanne Beesley - Coworker.com

Sylvain - FIP

This is just amazing! I have a much better clarity on what's ahead, and less stress too. Thank you so much for opening my eyes!! Sylvain Boutry - Jamz

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Finance Insight Program FAQ:  

Q: Why should I care about Goals, Metrics &&Processes? I know our revenue and my profit A: Knowing your revenue and profit are good starts, but compare it to driving a car - knowing how many miles you drive is useful, but to arrive on time and safely, you also need to know your your destination, speed, and remaining fuel. Besides that, you want to keep an eye on a lot of other measures as well.  

Q: CFO's are expensive - is this worth it? A: A good CFO delivers much more value to your business than he/she costs. For example, for one of our clients - our insight helped them add USD 500k profit potential to their bottom line! And there are the non-financial benefits of feeling in control, making decisions more comfortable and no more waking up in the middle of the night, worrying about financials.  

Q: Why is it a "Done with you" program? A: We believe 'Done with you' is the best way to make sure you benefit from all the value ABEL Finance can bring you, without adding unnecessary costs. On top of that - Done with you means that you and your team gain the knowledge and experience - giving the best foundation to utilize these new insights for your business.  

Q: You work with many e-Commerce and online businesses - are my niche and strategy safe with you? A: Yes. We do not share any names, niches or any other business information with our other clients. The trust of our clients is sacred to us.  

Q: What makes ABEL different from other Finance advisers and Virtual CFO's? A: There are 3 main differences:  

  • We are entrepreneurs ourselves. ABEL Founder Rob has (co-) founded and run several companies, from technology to trading companies.  
  • We listen more than we talk. That may sound strange for an adviser, but before we want to make sure we fully understand you and your business - so we can give the right advise. 
  • We are not accountants - accountants tend to look at the past. We have a Finance background - we do not make financial statements - we analyze them and use them to add more value to the company.

About ABEL Finance:  

ABEL Finance is a Finance & Strategy advisory firm.  

We help online businesses grow faster & more profitable. Since our start in 2017, we’ve helped dozens of online businesses in e-Commerce, affiliate marketing, SaaS and consultants & agencies succeed.  

We understand finance, and we have loads of experience working with online businesses. The difference with other advisors is: we truly listen, we tailor our support to help you realize your goals and ambition.  

About Rob te Braake Founder ABEL Finance  

My curiosity and drive to learn, be free and help others has led me down the road that started with 2 Master degrees back in the Netherlands, on the corporate road where I worked as an expat in China in the banking industry. 

There my entrepreneurial drive started to grow, leading to the (co-)founding of 6 companies – ranging from finance to technology to consulting. I've been on the roller coaster that building a business is - struggling with cash flow, clients and investors and celebrating every time you get back on your feet.  

Since starting ABEL, I found my meaning by combining my finance and entrepreneurial experience helping other entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams and grow faster & more profitable.  

Rob - ABEL Finance

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